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We’re cannabis and fashion enthusiasts, and we’re really serious about both. We envision a world where the physical and spiritual benefits of the plant were legally available to all. A world where local cannabis farms replaced multi-national tobacco companies. A world where socially responsible growers replaced greedy pharmaceutical companies. A world where side effects consisted of frequent naps and an intense appetites instead of shortness of breath and restless leg syndrome… whatever that is. A world that doesn’t imprison its citizens for self-medicating. What we envision is a freer world. A calmer world. A Green Arbor world.


Our Philisophy

Green Arbor Clothing Co. envisions a world in which cannabis prohibition never existed. We design clothing for the adult cannabis aficionado with a mature sense of style.

About Our Brand

Fugitive Farmers

Green Arbor Clothing Co. is a cannabis lifestyle apparel brand that appeals to the connoisseur with a fashion forward style. The brand’s classic collection of vintage cannabis strain art has already established our reputation among seekers of quality clothing.

We seek to reclaim a bygone era when craftsmanship trumped convenience, and ingenuity triumphed over conventionality. Our commitment to design and detail shows in every single thread of our fresh cut apparel.

Our online store contains a selection of our very finest fresh cut garments from the latest harvest. Our super soft cotton blend tees feature a history of each strain, and is tagless for extra comfort. Hand stitched woven labels adorn the right sleeve and bottom hem featuring Green Arbor branding on the outside and hidden messages on the inside.

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apothecary-logo-huge3OUR LOGO

Apothecary Jar

Green Arbor’s logo is an apothecary jar engraved with a medical cross. This symbol represents our commitment to the legal and responsible use of medical cannabis. The apothecary jar also represents a bygone era when craftsmanship trumped convenience and ingenuity triumphed over fear. Our commitment to design and detail is in every single thread of our fresh cut apparel.